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Notice 2023-09-18: 
Downloads have been disabled due to Unity pricing and policy changes.

This is the first in a series of island themed projects. Although little more than an environment, this game does allow you to run around and explore a small island. There are a few weapons you can play with as well, but there's not much to shoot at. 

When left idle for a short while, the game enters demo mode to showcase views from around the island.

Please consider supporting this project. Contributions from users like you go toward funding further development of projects within The Island Series

Your generosity is much appreciated. Thank you for playing!

Display Settings

This game is capable of supporting Ultrawide displays. The display resolution can be set from the Configuration Window when first launching the game.

To open the Configuration Window, hold down the Alt key when launching the game.


This game supports input from Xbox style controllers, mouse, and keyboard.


Xbox ControllerKeyboard/Mouse
LookRight JoystickMouse
MoveLeft JoystickW or Up Arrow Key (Forward)
A or Left Arrow Key (Left)
S or Down Arrow Key (Backward)
D or Right Arrow Key (Right)
RunLeft Joystick Button (Hold)Left Shift Key (Hold)
JumpA ButtonSpace Bar
CrouchB Button (Hold)C Key (Hold)
Select WeaponY Button, or D-PadAlpha 1 - 4 Keys
Use WeaponRight TriggerLeft Mouse Button
Aim/ZoomLeft TriggerRight Mouse Button (Hold)
Reload WeaponX ButtonR Key
Stow Weapon(none)Backspace
PauseStart ButtonP Key
Quit(none)Alt + F4

Note: Screenshots were captured at 480p on OUYA. The Demo Mode video was captured with a screen resolution of 2560x1440.

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Made withUnity
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse